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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Like the iron pipes driven into the ground to mark property boundaries, these benchmarks (a.k.a. azimuth marks) can be easy to overlook, even if you know where they are supposed to be.  But once found, they mark with certainty the latitude and longitude of their location.  A true "you are here" reference point!

This one is on Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park and without knowing much about them, I took this photo as we enjoyed a lunch break at the summit.  I was struggling to figure out the arrow which I just knew had to point north.  But which I also knew could not be true unless my map reading skills had completely left me AND the sun had taken to rising somewhere other than in the east.  It turns out that the azimuth arrow's job is to point to a "triangulation station".  And from that you can determine true north (not magnetic north, mind you) in order to orient your surveying project.

Leaves me pondering the "remove not the ancient landmark" and "follow me as I follow Christ" scriptures.  And the "laboring in doctrine" and "searching the scriptures" ones.   I'm thankful for the whole counsel of the Word and a "cloud of witnesses".

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