This blog is mostly about images. A photo captures a moment in time and lets us slow down long enough to see the rich texture of the life all around us. It's mostly for my own amusement, but if you stumbled here somehow, please enjoy.

Monday, May 28, 2012


A stroll among the fallen never fails to evoke reflection.  Upon life's brevity, and a recent bible lesson that reminded us to "zoom out" and take the larger perspective on life's little interruptions.  Like a longer-than-expected wait in the supermarket line.  What does God want me to do with this unexpected time in light of eternity?

Or upon sacrifice.  As in "from these honored dead we take increased devotion..." Like on this Memorial Day where we ponder the price of life, liberty, and (what did they really mean by) the pursuit of happiness.

And upon that inescapable reality that we'll all be here someday.  Again we must ask, how will we wish to have lived when this small plot is our home address...for a time...

Until that day...when, just think if all those cross marked graves contained the redeemed from the ages!  What a traffic jam in the sky that trumpet would usher in!  What a day that will be.

Monday, May 14, 2012


"Endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." (2 Tim 2:3)

I guess the impression is that we might not always be treated fairly. Might not get the credit we feel we deserve. Might be misunderstood by those we thought would understand.  Just might have to endure quite a bit in this battle.  Just might be very discouraged....until we remember..."the battle is the Lord's" and we don't rely on sword and spear (I Sam. 17:47)...or the other inventions of men.  Or their methods.

We can trust the "captain of our salvation".