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Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn Postcard

I hesitated in posting this one knowing that my friends in Connecticut had their Fall cut short by a crippling snowstorm.  But maybe they can get some vicarious enjoyment from the reflective interlude of a little "New England" postcard from the Midwest.

Fall has that same sense of beauty tinged by angst that I feel in viewing a full moon.  The greatest explosion of color coincides with the begin of the fading glory, however slight.  Yet what a deception the Spoiler offers in the accompanying lure to avoid beauty, love, warmth just because it might fade or diminish.  And even in earth's disappointments lie the seed of hope that God's love never wanes nor fades away.

And we are going to a city where the roses never fade!

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  1. Happy to see some Autumn beauty- and glad our CT snow is melting so the remnants can still appear for a small moment. Beautiful photo!