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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Role or Identity?

I'm not sure but would assume that this bee doesn't struggle with role/identity confusion.  Truth is, I inadvertently caught it on short final for the pollen harvest.

We humans on the other hand have a big problem with keeping our roles and identity separate.  We're motivated--and rightly so--to do a good job in the various positions we find ourselves filling.  But does being a good ______ (fill-in-the-blank) mean I'm a good person?  One who is worthy of God's love?  The admiration and respect of others?  Not really.

We recently read the biblical account of the rebellion of Korah during the Israelite's time in the wilderness.  It's an amazing story that fits our modern discontent and tendency to murmur, complain and ultimately rebel way too close for comfortable (a.k.a. distancing) comparison.

What's even more fascinating, and convicting, is how Moses and Aaron responded.  Either could have easily said, "You're right, God--wipe these people out."  Instead, in the face of grievous accusation and rebellion against them personally, they entreated God to spare the people, Aaron literally "standing in the gap" between God and the gainsaying children of Israel.

I'd say their identity was in Christ, not their earthly (even spiritual) roles, wouldn't you?

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