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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Shopping

Not sure why, but the first thought I had when reviewing this picture from a display at the Madrid bus/train station was "Black Friday!"

Too much has probably been said about the madness of it all so I'll forgo the indulgence here.  When it comes to gifts, though, I was very appreciative of the thoughts shared by a minister this past Sunday.  He said that some of the best gifts he received growing up were when his folks didn't ask for suggestions but just picked out something they thought he'd like.  "We got a lot of miles out of that toboggan," he summarized!

The main point being, we can trust God to give us what we need and then graciously thank Him.

Somewhere in this season of the year, the true meaning is waiting to be discovered afresh.

"For God so loved the world..." (John 3:16).

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  1. Yes, this picture definitely illustrates Christmas shopping, except the turtles move slower than the shoppers typically do. :)